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The GE Digital Energy Mix

As demand for energy continues to grow at an accelerated pace, digitizing the energy value chain from end to end will be essential to help meet it. With more than 120 years experience and shared expertise and technology across GE businesses driving growth, GE delivers one of the most comprehensive technology portfolios in the energy sector across fuel sources — providing customized, end-to-end solutions across the entire energy value chain. Some 90 percent of utilities worldwide and 85 percent of offshore oil rigs use GE technology. Our turbines and generators produce 30 percent of the world¹s electricity and supply a fifth of renewable energy capacity. But GE is more than just machines — we are connecting machines to the cloud and using data analytics to make them run better and more efficiently. The savings are helping customers reduce costs in the tough energy environment.




  • Flying Light: Getting Fast Power To Faraway Places
  • Kristin Kloberdanz
  • Christmas comes in the summer in sub-Saharan Africa, and for months leading up to the 2014 holiday season, homes and businesses in Cabinda, Angola, were often hot and dark. The old power grid that had supplied power to this fast-growing and oil-rich province had faltered under the growing demand. Luckily, help was only a plane ride away.
  • Marco Annunziata: Oil Prices Got You Down?
  • Marco Annunziata
  • Beyond the headlines about oil price swings, there’s little uncertainty that energy demand will continue to rise. The energy industry must be able to meet that demand in a period of higher volatility — and digital solutions can help.
  • White Paper: Digital Future of Oil & Gas & Energy
  • Marco Annunziata
  • The oil and gas industry is facing a new frontier. The sharp fall in international oil prices is putting intense pressure on margins, leading operators to reassess their capacity and investors to reassess their strategies. The interplay of economic, technological and geopolitical forces has created an environment of increased uncertainty and volatility.
  • Deep Learning: New Subsea Service Model Helps Oil Drillers Limit Costs
  • Mark Egan
  • An innovative service model pioneered by Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. and GE Oil & Gas allows oil companies to save potentially millions of dollars from downtime and repairs. The deal, which could become a blueprint for the rest of the industry, focuses on optimizing blowout preventer performance by adding cloud-based analytics running on GE’s Predix digital platform to heavy-duty subsea engineering.
  • The Digital Energy Mix: Securing & Sustaining the Future
  • GE Staff
  • The demand for energy will continue to grow at an accelerated pace. Digitizing the energy ecosystem from end to end will be essential in helping meet this demand, enabling unprecedented opportunity socially, economically and individually.
  • Follow The Digital Thread: How GE’s Off To See Profit In The Age Of Cheap Oil
  • Tomas Kellner
  • Over the last several decades, companies have used tools like Six Sigma and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to squeeze the most out of their factories. But in hard times that may not be enough. “When you have a factory that’s already hitting on-time delivery in 95 percent of cases, what you can do with ERP is limited,” says Anup Sharma, chief information officer at GE Oil & Gas. One reason Sharma’s business stayed profitable in 2015, despite the doldrums afflicting the energy industry, was because his company embraced the cloud and predictive analytics.
  • Are You Ready For Digital Oil?
  • Tomas Kellner
  • GE Oil & Gas became the latest GE business to launch its own digital division. The unit launched a pilot project with BP to help the energy company reduce unplanned downtime by deploying software and analytics, and partnered with “subsurface” software company Paradigm.
  • That’s So Nice: Electricity’s Digital Future Has Dawned On The French Riviera
  • Mark Egan
  • The commune of Carros on the French Riviera has built the world’s first smart solar grid. The system could one day allow cities to generate more renewable energy closer to customers. “This is a prototype for an end-to-end system from the consumer to storage to the distribution grid, back to transmission,” says Laurent Schmitt, smart grid strategy leader at GE Grid Solutions.